Monday, May 14, 2012

New Competition Entry!! IMPORTANT

Wahoo! no more dollar signs! We have a new competition software system!

We need YOU to upload your MAY images (the ones being competed on 5-14-12) to out new software. Before Friday please take and upload the same image that you competed (the system will close Saturday at 6 am so please, please get your images in on time). Denise and Ann will use these images to run a "mock" competition this summer and become familiar with the new software.

Denise and Ann have entered all of your names and email addressed into the system. You will have a chance to try it out NOW before we go LIVE with this software for September's competition. Awesome Joan has written instructions -- the program is simple and intuitive but she laid it all out for you!

You can save the pdf with these instructions below by clicking here

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