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NECCC Scholarship application due 3/15

NECCC Scholarship application due 3/15

New England Camera Club Council, Incorporated

Scholarship Program

The purpose of the scholarship is to make funds available either by a direct grant and/or by a loan (interest free or otherwise) to an individual majoring in Photography at an accredited educational institution, pursuant to the procedures herein established.

2. PUBLICITY OF AVAILABILITY OF SCHOLARSHIP: The organization shall publicize the availability of the scholarships. In this connection, the Selection Committee may select any procedure reasonably calculated to reach all or a portion of the general public, including without limitation advertising in the public media or in member club bulletins, or notifying various educational institutions, governmental bodies or any other organization of the availability of the scholarship.

3. APPLICATION FORMS: Once an interested applicant becomes known, the Selection Committee shall require such applicant to disclose such information as the Selection Committee may reasonably decide is necessary to ascertain the basic criteria for selecting applicants as hereinafter provided in Paragraph 4.

4. BASIC CRITERIA FOR SELECTING ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: The following criteria or any portion thereof (as the Selection Committee in its discretion may reasonably decide) shall be used in selecting the recipients of the scholarships:

A. Financial Need: The applicant’s need for financial assistance.

B: Character: The Selection Committee’s determination of the applicant’s moral character and motivations on the basis of its personal interview or other data obtained on the applicant.

C. Other Accomplishments: Any other accomplishments of the applicant tending to show his or her capacity to use the scholarship successfully and demonstrate a sincere interest in pursuing the study of photography.

5. LIMITATIONS ON APPLICANT: The following limitations shall apply with respect to the applicant:

A. The applicant must reside in the geographical area of New England.

B. The recipient of such scholarship must be enrolled at the time of the award (or immediately thereafter) as a full time student at an educational institution. An educational institution as used in Selection Procedure shall mean an educational institution having courses leading to at least a two year major in photography which is accredited by a State or its political sub- division and which institution maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and has a regular body of students in attendance.

C. The applicant must agree to obligate him or herself to comply with the progress of reporting requirements as established by the Selection Committee.

6. LIMITATIONS ON SELECTION COMMITTEE: The following rules shall apply to the Selection Committee:

A. No member of the selection Committee shall derive any private benefit (directly or indirectly) if certain recipients are selected over others.

B. The dollar amount of the scholarship for any one year shall not exceed the anticipated educational expenses of the applicant.

C. There shall be no discrimination in the selection process on the basis of sex, religion, color, race or national origin, and all rules or decisions of the Selection Committee shall be applied consistently.


After selection and payment of the scholarship is made, the Selection Committee shall obtain the final report from the student upon completion of his studies.

B. The Selection Committee may investigate any jeopardized scholarship. If the investigation reveals that the scholarship was not used as intended, the organization shall have a duty to withhold future payments, make efforts to recover any amounts so improperly used by the recipient, and before any other payment is made, make a reasonable effort to see that further abuse will not be continued.


Distribution of amounts available will be at the discretion of the committee.

B. Payments shall be to the approved college or university (recipient’s choice, as noted on application) during the month of September.


1. The applicant must be a legal resident of one of the New England States.

2. The applicant must have been accepted in or continuing in, a program leading to a degree in some aspect of photography in an accredited school or institute. The degree program may be either a two or four year program. The degree program can be at the undergraduate level or graduate level.
A certificate is not a degree and does not meet this requirement.

3. The application must be processed through a Camera Club affiliated with NECCC. (I can help with this if the student is not associated with such a club.)

4. The applicant should submit
current letters of recommendation, references and other such statements concerning work, school and professional achievements. These should be from teachers, professors, clergy and other associates who know and have worked with the applicant.

5. A letter written by the applicant should be submitted. This letter should tell us about you, the student --- what you have done in the photographic field, what you have done academically, what your goals are, how you plan to achieve them and what other interests you may have. We would like to get some insight about the applicant through this letter.

6. Include an
official transcript of the applicant's recent grades; college if recent and high school if college is not applicable.

7. Submit a statement, attested to by an official of the school being attended, declaring that the student has been accepted into the degree program and what degree will be conferred.

8. Submit a brief statement of need for financial assistance. Do not submit family income, tax statements or other confidential information.
9. Please submit a disc with 15 to 20 images of your work so we can review a mini-portfolio of your work

10. The deadline for completed applications to be received by the Committee Chairman is March 15th
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Antoinette Gombeda, HonNEC
817 Chickadee Lane
Stratford, CT 06614
Phone: 203-377-4914

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