Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PSA Membership

If You Love Photography,

You Belong in PSA . . .

Benefits of PSA Membership:

• PSA Journal monthly magazine (mailed & online) and annual Who’s Who in Photography publication • Opportunity to submit articles for potential publication in the PSA Journal which is written by and for members • Three noncommercial ads each year (no more than 5 lines or 175 characters) in the PSA Journal at no cost • Access to New Member web site services (e.g., Image Evaluation, Mentors, Consultants, resource links) • Free online Individualized Photography Course, Advanced Photography Course, and Image Analysis Course • Annual Conference with workshops, field trips, photo shoots, and featured speakers at reduced registration fee • Listing in and access to “Members Only” Membership List on PSA web site • Publication of photos on the PSA web site, e.g., a photo in the New Member Gallery on joining and in the

Show Your Stuff Gallery on renewing for year two • Creation of a personal photo gallery on the PSA web site for posting up to twenty (20) images • Use of PSA logo on personal web site and business card • Reduced registration fee at local Chapter meetings • Opportunity to present programs and seminars at local, regional, and international meetings • Opportunity to earn PSA Star Ratings and recognition of photographic achievement with PSA Distinctions for

Proficiency (PPSA), Excellence (EPSA), Master (MPSA), and Grand Master (GMPSA) • Opportunity to be elected an Associate (APSA) or Fellow (FPSA) of the Society • Study Groups: online for digital images and via mail for prints • Competitions for specific topics/themes (e.g., Creative, Portrait) or format (e.g., digital essays, B&W prints) • Reduced fee for PSA Adventures (e.g., cruises) • Free services (e.g., Species Identification Service, Photo Travel Planning Service, Digital Product Information) • Discounts on products and services of interest to photographers (e.g., Adobe, Photodex, Tamron, Hunts Photo & Video, OnOne Software)

Mail in Application:

First Name: _______________________________________
Last Name: __________________________________________
Birth date (MM/DD/YY): ___________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________ Telephone: __________________________
City: __________________________________________________ State: ______________________ Country: _____________________ Postal Code: ___________________
Email Address: ______________________________________________________________
Website: _____________________________________________________________

Person who referred you to PSA:

Check desired membership: North America/Overseas

1 Year 2 Years 3 Years

Youth (18 & under) $29/35 $56/68 $80/99
Individual $45/53 $88/104 $128/152
Individual Senior (72 & older) $40/47 $77/91 $113/132
Joint Membership $68/76 $133/150 $196/221
Joint Senior Member $62/69 $122/136 $180/201

Joint Member Name: ____________________________________________
Joint Member Email: ____________________________________________


PSA Headquarters
3000 United Founder’s Blvd., Suite 103
Oklahoma City, OK 73112-3940 USA

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