Monday, September 12, 2011

New NHCC Handbook

The NHCC handbook has been revised. You may download it here. We suggest that all members, new and exisiting, review the guidelines set forth in the handbook. Changes to the image competitions are also reflected in the revised handbook. The handbook includes topics like using setups, using previously entered images into competition, entering into competition similar images, etc.

The handbook is 12 pages, printed double-sided. We HIGHLY suggest that you print and review a current copy of the handbook.

The cliffnotes version of two main changes:
  • You may only submit ONE image in the assigned subject competition
  • There is now a Creative Image Artistry category. This category is meant to encourage artistry and creativity. The image artistry category will consist of electronic images which are enhanced as much as the maker desires. Types of effects include, but are not limited to, artistic filters, digital painting, montages, composites, mylar, infrared, black light, image out of the frame and other such creative effects which may be used freely. The end product may be the result of in-camera and/or post-processing creativity on the part of the maker. It is the discretion of the maker to subject an image into either open or image artistry.

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denise said...

I really enjoyed working with the group. I met a lot of really nice, talented and creative folks that I hope to stay in touch with. Once again thanks Lisa for contacting me and thanks Barbara and Wes for hosting us!