Thursday, August 4, 2011

September Program “A Blend of Art and Nature” by Denise Ippolito

Join us on Monday Sept 12th for the first program of our 2011-12 NHCC season

Denise Ippolito will be presenting her program entitled “A Blend of Art and Nature”

"During my 50 minute slide show “A Blend of Art and Nature” we will explore the combination of art and nature. My artistic bird photographs and creative filter designs will inspire you to step out of the box of conformity. I will share some of my techniques for post processing as well as in-camera captures. The program will be jam-packed with an assortment of imagery, including my pleasing blur images along with some of my tack sharp flight shots. A visual experience of photographs from local hot spots to images from around the country. This slide show will have something for everyone. "

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