Monday, May 2, 2011

Results of PSA EID Interclub Competitions

Dear Club Members,

Here are the results from the last two PSA Electronic Imaging Division interclub competitions. We had an entry disqualified in the January competition, but were permitted to enter a make-up in the March competition. Remember that in this series of competitions the judging range is 3 to 15 points.

The results from the January competition were as follows:

Andrey Antov-Water Lillies-11

William Barnett-Three Icelandic Horses-AWARD-12

Lisa Cuchara-Yale doors & locks-10

Susan Naumann-Fit for the Pot or Not-11

Gary Prestash-Barn Owl Hunting-11

The results for the March competition were as follows:

A Glorious Start To The Day-Barbara Vietzke-10

Two Hummers-Lisa Cuchara-HM-12

Pauls Flower-Joan Balen-10

Early Morning In Acadia-Tom Cuchara-9

Infrared Maroon Lake View-William Barnett EPSA-11

NY Public Library-Victor Krarsenics-11

Steptoe 290-Bill Hoikala-9

With 3 out of 4 competitions complete for this competition season the New Haven CC is in 2nd place out of 23 clubs in Class 1 with 208 points. The Impact Group from the United Kingdom is in first place with 209 points and two clubs, Fotoferia Club from Poland and Terra Australis Digital Image Group from Australia, are tied for third with 204 points. In this group almost 1/3 of the clubs are from outside the United States. The entries for the fourth and final competition have been sent. Currently the top 6 clubs are all within 6 points of each other so the final standing will depend on the last competition.

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