Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night Monday night

Join us Monday night for "The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night" by Mark Bowie

Presentation: Monday March 14th, 2011

Nature photographer Mark Bowie, a specialist on photographing the landscape at night, will give a presentation on nocturnal landscape photography. He will talk about determining nighttime exposures, focusing in the dark, shooting long exposures, double exposures, timed intervals, and “painting” with artificial light. He will discuss shooting exposures only seconds long to eight hours, with tips on photographing star trails, planets, moonlit landscapes, lightning, fireworks, city lights and the Northern Lights.

Learn how to capture the mystery, wonder and magic of this little explored facet of the photographic landscape. At night, the camera allows us to record phenomena we are physically incapable of seeing. The photographer can never quite be sure of what he or she will create. That’s part of the allure and the excitement!


Mark Bowie is a professional nature photographer and writer. His work has been published internationally in books, on calendars and posters, and in advertising media. His first two coffee table books, Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains and In Stoddard's Footsteps: The Adirondacks Then & Now, have become a landmark regional publications. He recently released his third book, The Adirondacks: In Celebration of the Seasons, and a new digital e-book on night photography: The Light of Midnight: A Guide to Photographing the Landscape at Night. Mark also leads digital and landscape photography workshops through the Adirondack Photography Institute. He is sponsored by Hunt’s Photo, and his stock photography is represented by Animals Animals/Earth Scenes.

For More Information Contact:

Mark Bowie
(413) 442-9125

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