Friday, February 25, 2011

Results of Winter NECCC Interclub Competition

Dear Club Members,

The following images were used to represent the club in Pictorial category of the Winter NECCC Digital Slide Interclub Competition:

Balen, Joan, Orange_Flower, 20

Haskes, Charles, The Palouse, 23

Naumann, Susan, Double Dip Drip, 22

Vietzke, Barbara, Stormy At Sunset, 20

Overall we received 85 points which puts us in the middle of the pack in class A. Merrimack Valley and Boston West were tied for first with 100 points.

In the nature competition we were represented by the following:

Antov, Andrey, Proportions, 24

Barnett, William, Great Blue Herons & Stick, 23

Cuchara, Tom, Female Blue Bird, 24

Prestash, Gary, Hairy Woodpecker and Berries, 24

Overall we received 95 points. Cape Cod Viewfinders was in first place with 103 points. After two competitions we are tied with 3 other clubs for fourth place with 186 points.

This competition is judged on a scale of 3 to 9 for each judge with a total of 9 to 27, slightly different from our club.

NOTE: Currently I do not have enough images in my Possible Entries for Nature folder to create a strong entry for the Glennie competition. I have a few entries from Antov, Tom and Lisa Chuchara, and Saldana, and lots for Prestash. I really need images from OTHER members of the club that meet the PSA nature definition regarding limits on manipulation. We are allowed to enter 10 images and I would prefer to choose each from a different member, though will do two per maker if needed. If you are interested in the interclub competitions, now is the time to demonstrate that interest by sending me images. The images MUST meet the PSA definition for manipulation, be 1024x768 pixels, and contain your name and title as the file name separated by a dollar sign. The closing date is coming up soon and I plan to send in our entry on Feb. 5.

Best regards,


William B. Barnett

66 Jasmine Circle

Milford, CT 06461-1788


Phone/Fax: (203) 877-1639


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