Saturday, October 9, 2010

MONDAY Oct 11th -- The Art of Black & White in a Digital World

The Art of Black & White in a Digital World

Eric Luden will be presenting a program this month that invovles "Bringing the Beauty of True Black & White to Digital Photography"
Digital Silver Imaging combines the advancements of digital photography with the aesthetic and archival properties of true black & white printing. Using digital laser technology and silver gelatin papers, we bring your photographic vision to life in beautiful, continuous tone prints that will last a lifetime.

When you capture a black & white moment, you have a vision of its presence on paper.

Every detail is intact; every nuance is apparent.

• 25+ years in photo industry
• Commercial & fine art portrait photographer
• Ran successful photo retail company in Boston
• Consultant for Kodak in B&W educational markets
• Worked at Ilford Photo from 1995 - 2008
• Started Digital Silver Imaging in 2008

Black & White Digital Evolution
• Provide historical overview (over past 15 years)
• Show examples of different media and output
• Digital evolution forced photographers into color
o Digital capture in color
o Initial inkjet printers biased towards color
o Photoshop initially only offered grayscale conversion
• Options for B&W output – LVT, Digital “C” Printing, Inkjet
o Provide samples of each
• B&W trend in photography over past 40 years
• Re-emerging alternative processes

Why is Black & White Photography relevant today?
• Audience feedback/discussion

Tools of the trade
• New Inkjet printers for better quality printing
• B&W camera modes
• New Software
o RAW, Lightroom, Nik Software, etc
o Nik Silver Efex demonstration
• Inkjet papers

Ilford Photo’s role in B&W and development of new silver gelatin paper
• RC & Fiber emulsions
• Response in the market
• Relevance for today’s photographer

Output options
• Inkjet printing
• Photo labs
o Outsourcing and uploading files
o Digital “C” prints for B&W
• Digital Silver Imaging


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