Monday, September 20, 2010

NHCC 2010-11 Dues are due, you must be a paid member to compete

Thank you to all of you who mailed in their membership dues and those of you that paid Tom on the 13th.

If you did NOT pay your dues at the last NHCC meeting, then please note that your annual dues (individual $25, family $40, college student $10) are due before the first competition.

You are always welcome to attend our meetings but you must be a paid member to compete, attend workshops, go on field trips, etc.



Telephone ____________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

City _________________ State ___________ Zip ____________

Email Address: _____________________________________

_____ New _____ Renew

How did you hear about us? ______________

Year First joined _________

Please fill out this form and bring it to the first meeting along with your check made out to NHCC

FYI. You must be a resident (or student) of Connecticut in order to become a NEW member. Reminder -- you must be a paid member to compete, attend field trips, workshops, etc. Anyone can visit on our program nights. Please bring a friend!

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