Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Place Called Hope, Killingworth, CT Sunday, November 7th

Sunday, November 7th

A Place Called Hope, Killingworth, CT

1:00 pm

Cost $20.00

Run by Jan Doyle

A PLACE CALLED HOPE, Inc. is a place where wildlife rehabilitators have joined together to create a haven for injured, orphaned, sick or non-releasable Birds of Prey.

A PLACE CALLED HOPE, Inc. holds special permits obtained by the state of Connecticut and by US Fish and Wildlife Services that allow them to keep and care for the birds they cannot release back into the wild, provided they share them with the public through Educational Programs.

You get to have an up close and personal encounter with a live Bird of Prey!

Contact one of the following Trip Committee Members if you are interested in coming on any of these trips.

Linda Thomas: 203-239-9341

Ann & Art Yost: 203-931-9943

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