Sunday, July 25, 2010

Results of Final PSA Nature Interclub Competition

Dear Club Members,

The following images were used to represent the club in the third and final PSA Nature Interclub Competition:

Title Score Award/Honor Maker
Death Valley Sand Dune DQ Gerri Morton
Great Blue Gliding Over the Pond 10 Tom Cuchara
Diagonals (Heliconia) 10 Andrey Antov
Little Blue with Catfish 9 Lisa Cuchara
Tricolored Heron Portrait 13 Award William Barnett
Lesser Yellowlegs at Jamaica Bay 12 Gary Prestash

Unfortunately the judges decided to disqualify Gerri's image for the presence of human elements. Dan Charbonnet wrote: "Unfortunately, Gerri's image was disqualified by the judges as containing human elements that did not enhance the nature story. If you look at the top of the second highest ridge, you will see what looks like human foot prints along the ridge line. Due to the size and shape of the tracks the judges did not feel they could give Gerri the benefit of the doubt and consider them animal tracks. It is still a great shot and should do well in pictorial."

I looked at this image and feel the judges were too harsh, but there is nothing we can do. Unfortunately, as a result, we did not do very well in this competition.

Next year I plan to use a different procedure to recruit and choose nature images to represent the club. The club has become much more sophisticated in using Photoshop and other editing programs, a very good thing, but a development that precludes choosing images from among those entered into monthly competitions. I will be asking members to submit images that comply with PSA Nature rules for these competitions. If a sufficient number of images are submitted we will continue to compete in nature interclub competitions. If there is insufficient interest, then we will compete only in pictorial competitions where the monthly competition images can be used. More details will follow in another blog posting.

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