Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NHCC officers

Hello everyone, as incoming president for NHCC I wanted to wish you all a wonderful summer and encourage everyone to take photographs for the assigned subject for our centennial celebration.

I wanted to thank everyone that has been a member of NHCC this year, and especially thank all of those people who held officer positions or just helped out during the 2009-10 season -- and a special thanks to Susan and Peter Nauman for organizing all the refreshments for our meetings.

This club IS its members and there are so many people that work hard to make it run smoothly.

We do have most of the positions filled for the 2010-11 season but we do need someone to be the judges chairperson for this upcoming season. Bascially this involves getting one inside judge and two outside judges for each of our nine (8 regular and one end of year) competitions. The outside judges are obtained from other CT camera clubs and CAP does maintain a list of judges. You would arrange for the judge to attend by calling the judge and asking and then sending one or two reminder emails with directions and logisitics.

We also need a second person to help with membership. Tom has one half of this position and he collects the dues and keeps the membership excel list. The second person would create and hand out the welcome folder for each new member (the folders and xeroxing costs are reimbursable). The folder contains the program, the handbook, the list of officers, the condensed competition rules and directions to the blog and website.

We are also looking for someone to organize the informal NHCC dinner Saturday night at the NECCC conference. This involves getting a reservation at a local restaurant (historically Bertucci's) and letting NHCC members who are at the NECCC conference know about the dinner. Tom and I are not able to attend this year because we will be attending the conference dinner.

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