Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Interclub competition results

Dear Club Members,

One or more of your images were used in either the NECCC nature or pictorial competitions or the Electronic Imaging Division of PSA interclub competition.


The individual scores of the Pictorial competition were as follows:

Antov, Andrey-Heading for Naples-21-HM
Barnett, William-Sheep and Threatening Sky-21-HM
Dionne, James-Jester-17
Vietzke, Barbara-Very Busy-19

In this competition the judges score 3 to 9 for a total between 9 and 27. We scored a total of 78 points. Greater Lynn won with 85 points and Boston West was in second with 83 points. This is the first year the competition has been divided into two classes; as a result we are in Class A with 14 of New England's best clubs.


The individual scores of the Nature competition were as follows:

Sisken, Harold-Egret-22
Mahon, Gerri-Death Valley Sand Dune-22
Antov, Andrey-Eastern Tiger Swallowtail-20
Prestash, Gary-Yellow Warbler Calling-24-2nd (6-way tie)

Again, this competition is scored between 9 and 27. We received a total of 88 points which put us in 4th place. Gateway Camera Club was first with 93 points and Cape Cod Viewfinders was in second with 91 points. This competition was also divided into two classes this year for the first time; we are in Class A with 12 of New England's best nature clubs.


The individual scores of the EID competition were as follows:

James Dionne-Jester-10
William Barnett-Birds on the Dock-Award-12
Andrey Antov-Diagonals-11
Barbara Vietzke-Very Busy-10
Gary Prestash-Yellow Warbler Calling-HM-13
Frank Gilroy-Winter Light-10

The scoring for each of three judges in this competition was 1 to 5 producing a total between 3 and 15. I checked with the chairman and he reported that awards and HMs are decided by the judges after scoring and are not necessarily score related. I thought that a 12 getting an award and a 13 getting only an HM was an error, but he assures me that there was no error.

In this competition we scored 66 points. Three clubs scored more points: Ridgewood (NJ) Camera Club 71, Santa Rosa Photographic society 67, and St. Louis Camera Club 68. The Terra Australis Digital Image Group tied with us at 66 points. There are two classes in this competition; we are in class A along with a number of clubs from other countries. There is stiff competition.

Best regards, Bill

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