Friday, November 6, 2009

November program: Photoshop as a tool in the Digital Darkroom

A copy of ProShow Gold will be given away at this next program. Lisa also has a discount code for 20% off anyone wishing to purchase a photodex product.

Please note that Gary from Fiddlehead photography had to reschedule his November presentation of "Wilfelife Photography" that he was supposed in November. I have agreed to swap with Gary and present in November and Gary will present in April.

November 9th -- Lisa will discuss the use of Photoshop as a tool in the ‘digital darkroom’. In this basic Photoshop program she will demonstrate ‘non-destructive’ editing techniques such as adjustment layers, some of the most often used filters (Sharpen, Blur, Artistic) and demonstrate some popular editing tools (Crop, Clone, Patch, Heal, Hue Saturation, Color Balance, Black and White).

In addition, she will show you how to apply an effect to a selected area of your photograph. This introductory program is designed for people who are computer literate but new to Photoshop.

The notes for this program have been posted on our Blog at

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