Monday, November 2, 2009

Member's Spotlight: Rich Ziemba

Yes! Another member sent in their questions and photographs! Thank you Rich!

Name: Rich Ziemba

Spouse: SO Marta Toro
Children: 3
Pets: 0
Profession: Retired advertising executive
Fav Comfort Fd: Pringles
Fav Child Memory: neighborhood friends
Hobbies: Reading, volunteering at Yale NH Hospital & the Smilow Cancer Center
Prized Possession: An 1860 Colt percussion cap revolver
Never been able to: Win a ribbon!!
I’d give anything: Actor William Holden
Major personal accomps: Graduating college after 10yrs part time via GI Bill.
Three words: : like meeting people
My personal goals: Traveling to India and china
My Camera: Nikon D 90
Year I joined NHCC: 2005
Member Other Clubs: Wallingford Camera Club
Reason joined NHCC: Social and technical
Favorite Photo Subject: People
Favorite Photo Trip: Arcadia national Park, Maine
Best part of being/photog The ability to be creative
Became interested/photog: In college
My advice to other photogs: Continue learning and experimenting
About me ??: Sold my house . Moving to new condo Nov 18!!!!!!!
Here are some of Rich's photographs

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