Wednesday, November 18, 2009

another member spotlight!

Name: Denise Saldaña

Spouse: Michael Sheehan

Children: 2 Pets: Yellow Lab (Bella) and 2 cats

Profession: Retired after 34 years in elementary education

Favorite comfort food: chocolate

Favorite childhood memory: swimming in the clear, blue ocean in Puerto Rico, where I grew up.

My other hobbies include: nature, gardening, art, book club

Prized Possession: Health

I’ve never been able to: look down from great heights

I’d give anything to have met: My great-grandparents

Major personal accomplishments: speak Spanish, French, English fluently

Three words that best describe me: very active, curious, tropical

My personal goals are: Try to understand why I like retirement so much!

My Camera: Olympus E-510

Year that I joined NHCC: 2008

I am also a member of (other photo clubs): n/a

The reason I joined the NHCC): Retirement has allowed me the time to become a more serious photographer. The NHCC is an excellent place to learn more about photography. I learn so much from all the great photos that are shared and from the workshops.

Favorite Photography Subject matter: Macro- flowers, dragonflies, insects, nature… I like to combine photography with my art.

Favorite photography trip: I had the opportunity of going to Paris with my sisters in May. That was a wonderful photography trip!! The best part of being a photographer is: Creating an artistic photo is like a spiritual experience for me. It is exciting and I lose track of time.

I became interested in photography when… I received my first Brownie camera! Later on, my father gave me his Leica camera, which he had purchased in Europe right before WWII. That camera was incredible. I was hooked.

My advice to other photographers is: Take Photoshop one day at a time (I need to remember that advice too!).

What is something about you that NHCC members do not know? I am so lucky to have 2 grandchildren.

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