Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NHCC Spotlight on Ron D'Amico

Awesome -- another NHCC member spotlight -- Yes! Keep 'em coming!

Name: Ron D'Amico

Spouse: Judy
Children: 2
Pets: 2 dogs
Profession: Barber
Favorite comfort food: hotdogs and fries
Favorite childhood memory: stick ball
My other hobbies include: golf, model railroading
Prized possession: my truck
I've never been able to: get a hole in one. ( not yet anyway )
I'd give anything to have met: Yogi Berra
Major personal accomplishments: My family and my business
Three words that best describe me: Friendly, Generous and sensitive to others
My personal goals: A hole in one
My camera: Canon sx10
Year I joined NHCC: 1984

The reason I joined the NHCC: to learn photography, fun. I was the progectionist for many years.
Favorite photogaphy subject matter: Railroad, Racing, Lighthouses.
Favorite photography trip: South Dakota
The best part of being a photographer is: Being able to capture a scene
I became interested in photography when: I was in 8th grade
My advice to other photographers is:
What is something about you that NHCC members do not know: I am not to computer savvy.

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