Saturday, October 24, 2009

Member's spotlight: Frank Gilroy

Name: Frank Gilroy

Spouse: None
Children: My 5 year old boy/Cooper
Pets: 6 year old Newfoundland named Nala

Profession: Professional Photographer/Roof Design Consultant

Favorite comfort food: Cannoli's
Favorite childhood memory: Catching all living creatures with my brother
My other hobbies include: Fishing, Winter Mountaineering, Travel, Jet-skiing, Parenting

Prized Possession: My son
I’ve never been able to: slow down
I’d give anything to have met: Pamela Anderson

Major personal accomplishments: I climbed Mt Washington In winter, I was a regional Jet-ski Champion and top ten nationally, becoming a dad
Three words that best describe me: Passionate, Personable, Driven
My personal goals are: To make my entire living from my photography

My Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Year that I joined NHCC: 2008
I am also a member of (other photo clubs): none
The reason I joined the NHCC: to learn from others and share what I know Favorite

Photography Subject matter: The Natural World
Favorite photography trip: The Maine Coast
The best part of being a photographer is: I get to show everyone how beautiful our planet is.
I became interested in photography when…I was a boy. My dad was a pro Photog
My advice to other photographers is: To get great pics you have to be there and have your camera.

What is something about you that NHCC members do not know? I love winter, snow and study meteorology.

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