Monday, September 28, 2009

Tonight's NHCC competition

Wow, we had an amazing start off to this season's image competition. Record numbers in all four competitions, but the most dramatic was 34 prints by 17 different makers!

Actually last season we only had six print makers complete the season. The year before we actually had TWO classes, B and A, but only 4 makers from A and 2 makers from B completed the season so last year we had to combine both classes. With low numbers like that there was not much of a competition. Perhaps IF this record number of makers continues the executive board will consider splitting the prints back into two classes? Hard to predict how many people will continue submitting prints, but if the number and quality tonight are any indication it is going to be a great year for seeing excellent images!

I am asking the FOUR winners (Prints, Assigned Subject, Class A and Class B) to email me their winning image along with some basic information about the picture. Where did you take it? What time of day? what season? What camera? what settings? what lense? tripod? Why did you take it? What makes it special to you? I will post the answers and 4 images that are emailed to me here.

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