Friday, September 11, 2009

revised NHCC Handbook and Changes to Competition Rules

Our club handbook has been revised Handbook and is now posted on the NHCC website

Changes to Competition Rules

At its summer meeting the Executive Committee made a number of changes to the competition rules starting with the first competition in September. These are all described in detail in the revised club Handbook which as been posted on the club's web site.

The changes are summarized below:

1. For the Special Assignment competitions we used to require that the photographs entered had to have been taken within the last five years. That rule has been dropped allowing you to compete with any digital image in your collection. (See p. 13)

2. Photographs that are entered into Assignment competitions during the year are now eligible for the end of the year competitions in addition to those entered into the Open competitions. (See p. 14)

3. We have a series year-end competitions, Open Prints, Open Projected Digital Class B, Open Digital Class A, Jane Sibley Nature, and Joe Dichello Landscape/Seascape. Previously a photograph could be entered into more than one of these competitions. Starting next year a photograph may be entered into only one of these competitions. (See p. 14, Rule 3).

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