Thursday, September 24, 2009

NHCC First program of the new season VERY popular!

For anyone who did not get to see Jim Zipp's program at our first NHCC meeting last week they missed an awesome display of skill, patience and talent. What amazing images. We had over 55 people attend (about double as compared to a typical meeting).

There were a few people that had not been to Jim's store, the Fat Robin, 3000 Whitney Ave, definitely go check it out. We buy all our seed and feeders there and I often get Christmas and Birthday presents for people there too. I recently got tired of the squirrels in our yard (they chewed thru a 4x4 post trying to get to the seed) and purchased three pole systems for the backyard, love it!

For people that attended Jim's program, Gary just emailed me this -- if they pick up a the current (Sept/Oct) copy of "Yankee" magazine, Jim has a double page image on pgs 20 - 21. It is the same shot of the hawk set against beautiful autumn foliage that he used as his opening image to his digital slide program.

The Fat Robin aslo has a blog:

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