Monday, September 7, 2009

Jim Zipp: First NHCC Program of the 09-10 season

Sept. 14, 2009 "In Search of Birds of Prey: A North American Journey" by Jim Zipp

We are honored to have our fabulous local photographer Jim Zipp lead off our 09-10 season with this program about birds of prey (hawks, owls, eagles, vultures, etc.). This program is based on the photographic experiences that Jim he has had over the past 35 years in the field. His travels will take us localling right here in Connecticut to the far reaches of Alaska with a plethora of his fabulous photos. The program will conclude with a presentation of Jim's favorite images set to music.

Jim's photos have been published widely in a great variety of magazines, calendars, and books, including a book he and Jim Roetzel just published, The Birds of New England. He is also the owner of The Fat Robin Wild Bird and Nature Shop in Hamden, which he operates with his wife and partner Carol. Jim has been photographing nature and wildlife for over 35 years. His first published photograph was of a Saw-Whet Owl in "The National Audubon Society's Encyclopedia of North American Birds" in 1980. Since then his award winning images have been published regularly and have been featured in hundreds of publications from National Geographic Magazine, Time Magazine, GEO and Audubon to Birder's World, Wildbird, Discovery, Nature Conservancy and ABA's Birding Magazine as well as numerous books and field guides. He travels throughout North America from Alaska to Florida and Mexico in search of new images with Alaska being a favorite that draws him back again and again. Jim is represented by agencies around the world and also keeps his own stock files to work with as well. In addition to being a photographer, Jim banded hawks for 18 years at his hawk banding station at Lighthouse Point in New Haven, CT shich is one of New England's premier hawk migration locations with thousands of hawks being counted there each fall. You can view his images: and

You can view (and/or download) the rest of the 09-10 season programs on our website:

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