Sunday, April 12, 2009

Results of Glennie Nature Interclub Competition

Photographs were used to represent New Haven Camera Club in the 2009 Glennie Nature Interclub Competition sponsored by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club.

The entries are listed below and show that we won four special awards.

Title-Maker's Name-Score-Special Award Won

Burr Pond Waterfalls-Andrey Antov-19

Lesser Yellow Legs-Richard Asarisi-21

Osprey with Flounder for Dinner-Lisa Cuchara-27-BEST OF SHOW

So Many Fish So Little Time-Jan Doyle-21

Kestral Close Up-Paul Peterson-19

Flowerbud-Harold Sisken-22-Merit Award Flower Category

Door Through the Berg-William Barnett-21-Merit Award Scape with Water Category

Green Heron w Moth-Vic Krasenics-21

Great Horned Owl and Chick-Gary Prestash-22

Broadbill Hummingbird-Richard Asarisi-23-Merit Award Small Bird Category

95 clubs participated in the competition. Many were from New England, but the list included 12 from Australia, 2 from New Zealand, 5 from Canada, and 5 from the United Kingdom. Many states from along the east coast were represented including Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and the Carolinas. Of these 95 clubs New Haven CC had the 12th highest score (216 points). Cape Cod Viewfinders CC won the competition with 231 points.

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