Thursday, March 19, 2009

youngest NHCC member! Veronica Antov

Lisa - I sent Andrey an email to see how things worked out for them since he had taken his wife to the hospital in labor last Monday, and we had not heard anything. Here is his reply - please send out to all on the email list. Gary

Thank you for the interest shown in my family situation. Yes, just two days after my PhD defense, we went to the hospital and got a baby girl. She was named Veronica, a name that fits three languages - Polish, Bulgarian and English. The baby was born 4 weeks premature, but the doctors said that she's totally fine and as far as I see develops well (just a little bit smaller 5lb and 12 oz).Now,I am home with my wife finishing my midterms in the Business school. I did not expect a child before my exams are over. This year has been quite busy and unpredictable for me.Hopefully, I will be able to attend the next camera club. If not, please, send my warm regards to the whole community! Best, Andrey

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