Sunday, March 8, 2009

Results of the Winter NECCC Electronic Interclub Competition

Hi Club Members,

Your images were sent to the Winter Interclub competition with the following results:



Antov, Andrey-Embroidery-16

Barnett, William-Lake Cara Boats & Clouds-20-HM

Cuchara, Lisa-Butterfly Dreams-15

Prestash, Gary-Cedar Waxwing with Crabapple-20-HM



Asarisi. Richard-Brown Crested flycatcher-18

Cuchara, Lisa-Hummer with Pink Dahlia-21- HM

Peterson, Paul-Stellar Jay-19

Prestash, Gary-Male Eastern Bluebird & Blossoms-21-HM

Overall in the Nature competition New Haven is in first place after two out of three competitions with 182 points. Gateway is in second with 180 points and Cape Code Viewfinders is in third with 178 points.We aren't doing as well in the Pictorial competition. Boston West is in first place with 179 points, Bridgeport is in second with 175 points, and Merrimack Valley and Seven Hills are tied for third with 171 points. New Haven Currently has 166 points. Best regards,Bill

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