Saturday, February 7, 2009


OK, at the last NHCC executive board meeting the club's Blog was on the agenda.

Currently the Blog is used to convey information pertaining to club operations (programs, competitions, field trips, workshop) ONLY.

The question that we have for YOU -- the NHCC members is

A. Do you want to keep the Blog this way?


B. Would you like to see other topics on the Blog (from NHCC members ONLY)
(such as items for sale, exhibitions, awards, publications, etc.)?

Keep in kind that many of you (and many more non-NHCC members) also subscribe to my own Photography Information Blog which does send out all kinds of photography related information, including items for sale, exhibitions, awards, publications, etc. from anyone with a love of photography. For example I recently sent out posts that Fred, Edie, Pat and Tom & I have photography exhibitions.

We can make the Blog whatever YOU the members want so please give us feedback.

Please email back to me with your preference (or you can answer by commenting on the Blog). I will also bring this with me to the next meeting because there are a few NHCC members that do not get our club Blog.

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