Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What You See Is what You Get Jan 12th

Come join us for our January 12th meeting, where Vic Krasenics will give a presentation on getting the maximum exposure range in your images. Titled ‘What You See Is what You Get”. Vic will explore several ways to get the maximum dynamic range of exposure in your images. He will give a brief history of techniques used in both film and digital photography as well as a comparison of them.

The techniques in taking the photo is as important as the post processing, whether film or digital, and Vic will demonstrate when and how to use each type. He will demonstrate the latest technique used to generate HDR images with Photomatix software and to clean up you images with Photoshop Elements.

A sampling of various images taken with each technique to get the most realistic images as well as the pushing the image to get that ‘HDR look’ will close up the discussion.

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