Sunday, October 19, 2008

Digital mini slide shows (holiday party)

As in past years Bill Barnett will be bringing his computer to the holiday party on December 8 and is willing to show electronic (digital) mini slide show sequences for other members as long as he has them before the event so that he can make sure they will run properly.

According to our Handbook the rules for electronic shows are:

"Presentation of the electronic shows requires a computer to connect to the Club’s projector. Participants in the electronic category have the option of bringing their own computers and assuming responsibility for connecting them to the Club’s projector. There is usually a Club member, however, who brings a laptop computer and is willing to project members’ shows (including a set of speakers for the sound). The shows he/she will be able to project will depend on the type of laptop he/she has, for example Windows only, Macintosh only, or a computer that can run both types of shows.

If a member wishes to take advantage of this service and his/her show is compatible with the available computer, the following rules apply:

• The member providing the group computer will make a “best effort” attempt to run the show, though there may be cases where this is not possible.

• The show format must be one that the computer being provided can handle. Shows in the .exe format (from Pro Show gold on Windows) or .app format (from FotoMagico on the Macintosh) are normally the simplest to handle. However, it may be possible to project shows in other formats depending on the capabilities of the computer being provided. Shows consisting of a group of JPEG images numbered in the correct sequence with sound provided by an external player may also be accepted, but the member will have to sequence the timing during presentation of the show.

• Shows to be displayed using the group computer must be given to the member providing the computer at or before the second November meeting of the Club so that the member providing the computer has an opportunity to be sure the shows will run properly before the competition night. Shows will normally be provided on CD, though other media may be acceptable if agreed upon between the person providing the show and the member providing the computer. CD’s should not be configured to “auto run” as this makes it more difficult to copy the files to the hard drive of the group computer.

• The show files (or directory containing multiple files if more than one required) should be named as follows: LastName-FirstName-Title, for example “Barnett-William-Bridges of Somerset County”.

This will allow the shows to be copied to a single directory for projection and be easily identified."See the handbook for additional rules on the competition including the maximum length which is 5 minutes. Slide shows also also welcome, but if you plan to project a slide show be sure to contact Paul Peterson to be sure the projector will be available.

Bill has a MacBook that can handle shows in both Windows and Macintosh formats. However, due to speaking engagements and travel over a long weekend he will not be at any meeting between now and the party.

That means anyone who wants him to project his/her show will have to mail a CD to Bill (William Barnett, 66 Jasmine Circle, Milford, CT 06461-1788). Be sure it arrives on or before December 1, 2008, so that he has time to make sure it will run properly. If you have any questions you can contact Bill at

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