Sunday, July 27, 2008

NHCC Changes to Category Competition for 2008-09

Changes to NHCC Category Competition for 2008-09

At the Executive Committee meeting in July several changes were made to the Category Competition (sometimes referred to as the assignment competition) for next season. This rest of the rules as stated in the NHC handbook still apply. For example, Category images still must not be older than 5 years old.

The changes will make the Category Competition more like the Open Competitions, will make the Category Competition more meaningful, and will increase the opportunity for more members to have their photographs selected as ribbon winning photographs. The winning images are those who show the best interpretation of the category title which adheres to definition.As was true last year, there will be a Category Competition only for electronic (digital) photographs.The rule changes are:

1. The Category Competition will be scored by the judges using the SAME numerical scoring system that is used to score the Open Competitions. The in and out scoring system will be eliminated.

2. Ties will not be broken, again like the Open Competitions.

3. The number of photographs that may be entered by a member into a given Category Competition is reduced to 2 from the current 3, again like the Open Competitions.

4. Unlike the Open Competitions, no make-up photographs will be permitted.

5. To qualify for the High Cumulative Score in the Category Competition, a member must submit at least 10 photographs of the possible 16 photographs. A member who submits more than 10 photographs will have his/her cumulative score determined by summing the highest scoring 10 photographs. Thus, it is to your advantage to enter as many photographs as possible since the 10 highest scoring photographs will be used to determine the final score.

The assigned subjects for the 2008-09 season are:

Sept: Children

Oct: Railroad

Nov: Sunrise/Sunset

Jan: Boats or ships

Feb: Abstraction(s)

March: Motion and Blur

April: Patterns or Textures

May: Architecture

Check out the NHCC website for more information...

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