We compete images: digital (open category), digital (assigned subject) and prints once a month (4th Monday of the month). Please see our handbook which contains the rules and instructions for competing your images.

Each month we have the following image competitions:

(1) Prints (must be turned in by 7:15). Two classes: Class A (advanced level) and Class B (entry level, top scorer gets promoted to A at end of year)

(2) Electronic (sent in via website prior to deadline). Two classes: Class A (advanced level) and Class B (entry level, top scorer gets promoted to A at end of year)

(3) Assigned subject, see topics below (sent in via website prior to deadline)

(4) Image Artistry category (sent in via website prior to deadline)

There is a one time registration with the Photo Contest Pro system in order to be able to upload your images for competition.

Instructions for uploading competition images
Please take a look at the short summary here, but before you enter for the first time please see the handbook -- looking forward to seeing your images!

  • Only two "setups" are allowed per season (a setup is when someone else provided the lighting, like at a workshop or HiJinx or at NECCC. Setups must be noted as such. 
  • All aspects of the image must be taken by the photographer (clipart, textures, etc. are not permitted).
  • Images of a similar nature should not be submitted once that image  has won a ribbon.
  • The winning same image (or a very similar rendition) may not be submitted into a different competition 
Upload your images to the monthly contest before the competition deadline (competiton is the fourth Monday, deadline is the Friday before that):

Assigned Subjects 2016-17
Sept: Wide angle
Oct: Composites (three or more images combined)
Nov: Camera (s)
Jan: Mailbox (es)
Feb: Candlelight
March: Front Doors
April: Umbrellas
May: clock(s)

Please note that the electronic image assigned subject competition is in addition to the regular OPEN (anything goes) monthly competition.

We have a new competition software system!  Wahoo! no more dollar signs! 

You can save the pdf with the instructions for uploading images into competition  

Our handbook with the complete rules and instructions can be found here


1. Must be brought in by 7:15 in order for the print handlers to have time to write the titles on the score sheets and organize the prints.

2. Prints must be between 8 by 10 inches and 16 by 20 inches.

3. Prints must be mounted on mat board or foam core board. Any size mat board or foam core board is allowed up to 16"x20"

4. Prints may be matted conventionally or electronically as long as the maximum dimensions are not exceeded.

5. On the back of each print clearly print your name and address, title, order designation (1 or 2), and an arrow indicating which edge is the top. This information may be printed on one or more labels affixed to the back if you prefer not to write on the mount.

6. If you miss a meeting you are allowed to enter makeups (in prints only). The lowest 4 (class A) or 6 (class B) scores are dropped so it is your choice to take a zero for the missed print or enter a maekup print.