Tuesday, November 3, 2009

some more ribbon winners from October's competition

More winning images, HM and second place from October's competition...

Hi Lisa, This my dog Max. I caught him on my bed and thought would make a good photo. I went to get my camera and he was still there. Camera is a canon sx10. flash was used and hand held. Ron D'Amico

1) Dutch Iris -2nd prize. My garden inspires much of my photography. I brought these irises inside and used a translucent softbox with lights on the outside to take this photo. I used a dark blue backdrop and my macro lens (100mm). Both color and light are very important to me, and with these flowers the blue/purple hue was a challenge. I find that specific color hard to reproduce in digital images and had to play with the white balance and the hue to get it just right. Also I knew I wanted some diagonal effects and I arranged the leaves to create the composition I wanted.

2)Flaming Tulip-Honorable Mention. This tulip also grows in my garden. Again, I brought it inside but this time I used a window to light the photo. I am interested in paper marbling and have created many different marbled papers which I use as a background for some of my photos. I chose a paper that I felt complemented the tulip and spent much time deciding where I would place the tulip in relation to the designs on the background. Also the distance between the flower and the background became very important. As the photo session went on, the tulip opened wider and wider, which I felt was improving the photo. My mind saw whorls of color and light. Thanks, Denise SaldaƱa
The title of the image is "Mr. and Mrs. Duck". It was taken with a macro lens, hand-held at Elizabeth Park in June 2009. I was trying to get an image of a bird(s) and they would not stay still. Laura Messina

Attached is my Class b HM image, "The Greenhouse Door". It was taken in August 2009 at Harkness Memorial Park on a CAP Trip. The Greeenhouse at Harkness are to be rebuilt perhaps next year. I took the photo with my Nikon D40x camera, Nikon lens 18-55 mm lense. It was taken hand held. I was trying to capture the mood and paradox of a derelict greenhouse door and what is growing there. Jo-Ann Messina

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